J’accuse…! The European Union’s Institutionalized Racism and Bullying

Co-authored by Damian Edghill dedghill@barbadoslaw.net

Once again, NOT ONE SINGLE COUNTRY on this EU list is predominantly white.

Furthermore, the EU lists as ‘high risk third countries’ Afghanistan, Iraq, Vanuatu, and Trinidad and Tobago, which the FATF has deemed compliant and are therefore “no longer subject to the FATF’s monitoring process.” The EU’s listing of those four countries, and their “Blacklisting” of the OECD’s “Largely Compliant” territories of The Cayman Islands and Samoa, could even be considered extrajudicial in nature, given that the FATF and the OECD are THE internationally recognized authorities on AML/CFT and Tax policy respectively — NOT the EU.

Which body or international treaty gives the EU the legal or even moral authority to impose separate requirements?

The consequences of being placed on these (Black)lists should not be underestimated, as they are of an economically existential magnitude for these developing countries. These consequences include EU directives such as “banks and other gatekeepers are required to apply enhanced vigilance in business relationships and transactions involving high-risk third countries”. Furthermore, these (Black)listed countries are subject to sanctions by the EU.

Could it be that every single predominantly-white country on earth is fully compliant with the EU’s standards and requirements, and is therefore excluded from their (Black)lists? Not at all:

1. In the first place, EU laws exclude (predominantly-white) EU states from appearing on these (Black)lists, despite evidence of non-adherence to their own standards and rules.

What further evidence is needed to suggest that the EU’s behaviour is discriminatory against non-white countries and is therefore racist?

In addition to the element of race, there is in play that of power. There is evidence of large / powerful non-white countries (allies) well known for financing terrorism and/or money laundering, being excluded from the EU’s (Black)list, again perhaps for political and/or economic reasons — Saudi Arabia, China, and Venezuela for example. Hence the suggestion from within Europe itself that the EU’s list of “high-risk third countries” is less significant in terms of its inclusions than its glaring omissions.


This travesty is nothing short of a modern-day Dreyfusian example of a glaring miscarriage of justice being perpetrated on the level of Nation States. And the same factors are in play — race and abuse of power.

“We know that we shall win, as we are confident in the victory of good over evil.” — Emperor Haile Selassie I



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